Catalytic Oxidation of PrintexU in An ETEM

Detailed Modelling of Soot Formation

Experimental Study of Soot Formation

Novel Burner Technologies for Bio-Oil Combustion

Carbon Black Synthesis Simulation in Flow Reactors

Welcome to the Thomson Lab website!

Members of the Thomson Lab have been actively involved in research at the University of Toronto since 1996, resulting in over 65 graduate student alumni. The group has published over 100 archival papers, contributing to advances in chemical kinetics, knowledge of soot formation, soot modeling, applied soot modeling for engines, laser spectroscopy and sensors for industrial combustion systems, combustion science, and bio-oil combustion. Some of these papers are among the most cited papers of the selected journals in the combustion field. Teaching and research activities are supervised by Professor Murray Thomson and assisted by postdoctoral fellows. Graduate student and postdoctoral members of the group have been highly successful in both receiving major national, provisional and institutional scholarships during their studies and working in and collaborating with leading companies and universities. Thomson Lab provides a unique opportunity for its members to obtain different skills as well as work with the leaders of the combustion field. For more information about our activities please refer to the links.