For more information about our alumni please refer to their LinkedIn page which is linked to their names. Graduate student thesis is available to download from the University of Toronto’s T-Space library. Each thesis is linked to the library and is available for download.

Former Post Doctoral Fellows


Name Research Area Year Completed
Tongfeng Zhang Modeling Soot Formation of Liquid Fuel Relevant Compounds 2018
Armin Veshkini Modeling Carbon Black formation in a 1D plug flow reactors 2016
Yashar Afarin Experimental Study of Soot Formation with LII and SSE, Bio Oil burner design, Turbulent Combustion Modeling 2016
Zhenyou Wang Sensors 2015
Arathi Padmanabhan Sensors 2013
Victor Chernov Experimental and Numerical Study of Soot Formation 2012
Seth Dworkin Soot Formation Modelling 2011
Jerome Thiebaud 2009
John Wen 2008
Sandro Gail 2006
Reza Mani 2006
Mohamed Boutazakhti 2005
Ke Su 2003

Former Ph.D. Research Assistants


Name Thesis Title Year Completed
Tongfeng Zhang Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Soot Formation of Liquid Fuel Relevant Compounds 2017
Mohammad Reza Kholghy The Effect of Particle Maturity and Fuel Chemistry on Soot Formation 2016
Nick Eaves The Effect of Reversibility and High Pressure on Soot Formation 2016
Armin Veshkini Understanding Soot Particle Growth Chemistry 
And Particle Sizing using a Novel Soot Growth And Formation Model
Meghdad Saffaripour Experimental and Numerical Studies for Soot Formation in Laminar Coflow Diffusion Flames of Jet A-1 and Synthetic Jet Fuels 2013
Tommy Tzanetakis Spray Combustion Characteristics and Emissions of a Wood Derived Fast Pyrolysis Liquid Ethanol Blend in a Pilot Stabilized Swirl Burner 2011
Mani Sarathy 2009
Andy Qingan Zhang Detailed Modelling of Soot Formation/Oxidation In Laminar Coflow Diffusion Flames 2009
Salvador Rego A Passive Mid-Infrared Sensor to Measure Real-Time Particle Emissivity and Gas Temperature in Coal-Fired Boilers and Steelmaking Furnaces 2008
Sangsig Yun CFD Modeling of Combustion 2005
Zhenyu Wen Chemical and Physical Aspects of Soot/Nano-Particle Formation in Combustion 2005
Mohamed Boutazakhti Experimental Study of the Flow Downstream of a 3X3 Square Matrix of Swirling Droplet Laden Air Jets 2004

Former MASc Research Assistants


Name Thesis Title Year Completed
Derek Fong Determination of Key Factors Affecting Start-Up Phase Particulate Matter Emissions in a Modern Wood Stove 2018
Sina Zadmajid The Development of a New Experimental Facility for Pyrolysis Liquid Biofuel (Bio-Oil) Combustion 2016
Ali Naseri Detailed Modelling of CO2 Addition Effects on the Evolution of the Particle Size Distribution Functions in Premixed Ethylene Flames 2016
Carson Chu The effect of aromatic structure on soot formation in a laminar co-flow diffusion flame 2016
 Lyun Zhao Effects of n-Propylbenzene Addition on Soot Formation in an n-Dodecane Laminar Coflow Diffusion Flame 2016
Jamie Loh 2016
Vijai Sookrah  Reduced Pressure Distillation of Wood Derived Pyrolysis Liquid Biofuels and their Emulsion with Diesel Fuel in a Compression Ignition, Indirect Injection Engine 2016

Dylan Kowalewski

Emissions and Properties of BioOil and Natural Gas combustion 2015

Jason Weingarten

Structural Effects of Biodiesel on Soot Volume Fraction in a Laminar Co-Flow Diffusion Flame 2015

Samuel Arnold

Steelmaking process control using remote ultraviolet atomic emission spectroscopy 2015
Amirhossein Alikhanzadeh Optical sensor for spectroscopy measurements 2014
Bijan Shahriari 2014
Yuhui Rachel Song
Terahertz Spectroscopy for off-gas detection and analysis in the steel-making industry
Kaveh Khalilian 2013
Bobby Borshanpour Development and Validation of an Experimental Apparatus for the Characterization of Soot in a Laminar Co-Flow Diffusion Flame Using Laser-Induced Incandescence 2013
Justin Shum The Development and Validation of a Simplified Soot Model for use in Soot Emissions Prediction in Natural Gas Fuelled Engine Simulations 2012
Mohammad Reza Kholghy The Evolution of Soot Morphology in Laminar Co-Flow Diffusion Flames of the Surrogates for Jet A-1 and a Synthetic Kerosene 2012
Milad Zarghami Tehran Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Fuel Aging on Combustion Performance and Emissions of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Liquid-Ethanol Blends in a Swirl Burner 2012
Andrew Bell Design of Catalytic Combustor for HTPEM FC reforming 2012
Nick Eaves The Effect of Pressure and Conjugate Heat Transfer on Soot Formation Modelling 2012
Umer Khan Efficiency and Emissions Study of a Residential Micro-Cogeneration System Based on a Modified Stirling Engine and Fuelled  by a Wood Derived Fast Pyrolysis Liquid-Ethanol Blend 2012
Milos Uskokovic Temperature Sensor Development 2012
Coleman Yeung Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of 1-Hexanol Combustion in an Opposed-Flow Diffusion Flame 2011
Sina Moloodi Experimental Investigation of The Effects of Fuel Properties on Combustion Performance and Emissions of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Liquid-Ethanol Blends in a Swirl Burner 2011
Tim Chan Aromatic Hydrocarbon Sampling and Extraction From Flames Using Temperature-Swing Adsorption/Desorption Processes  2011
Arran Mcgrath Development of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Combustion of Fast Pyrolysis Liquid (Bio-oil) 2011
Parham Zabeti Gaseous Species Measurements of Alternative Jet Fuels in Sooting Laminar Coflow Diffusion Flame 2010
Phill Geddis Evaluation of chemiluminescence as a measurement option for industrial flame monitoring and process control 2009
Richard Mills BIO-OIL Stirling Engine 2009
Warren Lamont Experimental Development of a Bio-oil Burner for a Combined Heat and Power Stirling Engine 2008
Amir Abbas Aliabadi Performance Study of a Combined Heat and Power Stirling Engine Fueled by Diesel and Biodiesel 2008
Rebecca Saari A Passive Infrared Sensor For Combustion Efficiency And Process Control 2007
Tommy Tzanetakis Multi-Zone Modelling of a Primary Reference Fuel HCCI Engine 2006
Mani Sarathy Using an Opposed Diffusion Flame to Study the Oxidation of C4 Fatty Acid Methyl Esters 2006
Sajid Syed Oxidation Studies of Surrogate Biodiesel Fuels in Opposed Flow Diffusion Flames 2005
Zekai Hong Tunable Diode Laser Measurements of High Temperature CO2 and O2 2005
Sangsig Yun CFD Modeling of Combustion 2005
Cathy Ng A Computational Study on Ethanol HCCI Combustion 2004
Rong Yang Advanced Combustion Modeling and Soot Modeling in a Gas Turbine Combustor 2004
Quoping Ma Soot Modeling of a Turbulent Non-Premixed Ethylene/Air Jet Flame 2003
Quan Wu Development Of A Sensor To Measure CO, H2O Concentrations And Gas Temperature using A 1.56 um Tunable Diode Laser 2003
Cezary Niewiadomski Spectral Element Methods for the Stokes Problem 2003
Ashwini Sinha Chemical Structure of Opposed Flow Diffusion Flames of C3 Oxygenated Hydrocarbons 2002
Zhenyu Wen Combustion and Soot Modeling of a Turbulent Kerosene/Air Diffusion Flame 2002
Joanna Di Iorio Development of a Sensor to Measure Gas Temperature and Carbon Monoxide and Water Concentrations using a 1.58 micron Tunable Diode Laser 2002
Michael Chai Soot Modeling of a Turbulent Non-Premixed Methane/Air Flame 2001
Jason Nikkari An Optical Process Sensor for Steel Furnace Pollution Control and Energy Efficiency 2000
Mohamed Boutazakhti The Effect of Jet Mixing on the Combustion Efficiency of a Hot, Fuel-Rich Cross-Flow 2000
Hanan Urson Numerical Modeling of Jets in a Reacting Crossflow 1999
Lauretta Rubino The Effect of Oxygenated Additives on Soot Precursor Formation 1999
Isabela Medina Air Pollution Control of Trace Contaminants using Electron Beam Irradiation 1999
Bojan Popovic Combustion Generated Pollutant Reduction Through Jet 1998
Nicholas Kournetas The Use of Oxygen to Decrease Electrical Energy Usage in the Electric Arc Furnace 1998

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